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air dried, high quality dog food



It’s low processed, highest quality dog food manufactured in Poland. Our dog food is air dried in low temperature. We use only fresh ingredients – meat, fish, vegetables and fruits.

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We want our dog food to be produced with local ingredients. We use only high quality meat (fresh – we don’t use meal, hydrolised protein etc), fish, vegetables and fruits. Haringo dog food is made without any preservatives, improvers of taste and scent or colouring.


always fresh and healthy


source of high quality protein


carrots, parsley, celery, kale, beetroots, as well as fruits – apples, pears or cranberry



We manufacture dog food which is high in meat, with added bone and giblets. Appropriate balance is necessary to meet all the dog’s nutritional needs.

We believe in natural nutrition

Highest quality is our priority

Thanks to the production process, which involves drying the food at a low temperature, we can keep all the nutritional values, vitamins and microelements present in natural, raw food. Our foods are dried with warm air at a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius – the whole process is slow and natural.

We want you to know exactly how Haringo foods are produced. More information on production technology can be found in the “Dog food” tab.

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Our clients’ opinion

Finally the dog food we’ve been waiting for! I don’t have to cut the meat into small pieces, dry it in a mushroom dryer, and then worry that dogs and, of course, got meat, but where are the vegetables, fruits, supplements, vitamins etc.?
Now we have Haringo and we eat it all, picky cats too!
WE RECOMMEND to all those who care about the best nutrition for their animals.

-Ania, Muza, Largo, Filozofia and Wena

Encouraged by the good composition and the ability to monitor the introduction of food in the market, I decided to order Haringo. Importantly, the offer includes smaller packages that work well with small breeds – they prevent the food from weathering and retain its aroma. At first glance, it seemed dry, but it definitely liked the pets. They began to choose Haringo from “old” karma. The food itself looks like cut up flavors of dried beef, which is very cool in my opinion. The balls are not equal in color and shape to the factory-made balls, but as it happens when drying meat, various shaped particles – I liked it. I was afraid of too much protein, but with the right dosage there were no revolutions, diarrhea, loose stools, etc. After prolonged use, I can confidently say that the fur has improved significantly in my dogs, dogs eat really willingly – which was extremely rare before. They are cheerful and energetic and the droppings are small and compact. The price is very good looking at the composition and the fact that my pets tolerate it nicely. I will gladly order more and more bags. I would recommend!
– Natalie

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