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Miller Rods TwitchFreak Lt. 6''10" 1pc. Rod weight only 94gm! Multi-loading action. Recommended line 2‑3lb FC; 4-8lb braid. Ideal lure range 2‑7gm. Combination non-corroding titanium guide train comprising; -Fuji Titanium-Torzite T-KGTT tip-top and T-KTTG semi-micro guides (#4.5 smallest)

Millerods SwitchFreak UL – fishin

Add to Cart. Miller Rods SwitchFreak UL. 7''3" 2pc (detachable handle) Multi-loading action. Recommended line 4-7kg. Ideal lure range 7‑21gm. The latest Fuji Fazlite semi-micro multi-guide train (11+1with #4.5 smallest size)^. Custom anti-tangle Hook Keeper. Complimentary Custom Millerods Rod Sleeve.

Millerods SwimFreak Ambush 702H

Millerods SwimFreak Ambush 702H Perfect Scoping Cod Rod! Tightwater Aussie Swimbait rod (2 to 5oz), wakebaits, topwater & XL Spinnerbaits, 7''0" 2pc (detachable handle), Fast/ Multi-loading action Recommended line 30-60lb and i deal lure range 60‑180gm (sweet spot 75-115gm) ; Fuji Alconite multi-guide train (10+1 with #7 smallest size for leader knot clearance)

Millerods: Australia''s Master Rod Builder

Welcome to the brand new Millerods website! This is the home of Australia''s most famous and highest performance sportfishing rods designed and handcrafted by Ian Miller; The Australian Rod Builder. We hope you enjoy the detailed information and images now contained and the latest Millerods news which will be updated each week. Enjoy! -Ian Miller.

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DESCRIPTION Videos Reviews. 6''10" 1pc; Multi-loading action; 1-4kg line; 2-7gm lures. Rod weight 95gm. *Amazingly sensitive with incredible feed-back. *Millerods Control Freak handle with Fuji skeleton reel seat. *Fuji Titanium SiC-S and Torzite guide train (SALTWATER TOUGH) with custom anti-tangle Hook Keeper.

What kills aluminum rods?

 · For higher compression engines with increased hp and torque, the aluminum rod will absorb shock and ease the burden driven down onto that wrist pin, crankshaft, rod bearings, main bearings and ultimately your engine block. It will also do the same in low hp and torque applications as well.

RipFreaK – Millerods

RipFreaK. Sale. Regular price. $315.00. The incredible balance and control of RipFreaK makes it such a pleasure to use you''ll find yourself looking for excuses to fish it! Made to cast that little bit further than you''re used to, this rod is also ridiculously sensitive so you know exactly what''s going on at the business end of your line.

Shimano or Miller Finesse Bream Rod

 · Shimano or Miller Finesse Bream Rod. Search Advanced search. 5 posts • Page 1 of 1. MR_GEE New Member Joined: Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:38 am ... twitch freak is great on the hardbodies but not the best with plastics, doesnt set the hook too well. channel:Hawkesy Fishing. Top. sandef Rank: Premium Member Joined: Mon Jun 09, 2014 4:58 am ...

Miller Rods Grubfreak Lt 732

Description. GrubFreak Lt. 7''3" 2pc. Rod weight only 96gm!!! Med-Fast action. Ideal lure range 1-6gm. Recommended line 1‑3kg. Combination non-corroding titanium guide train comprising; -Fuji Titanium-Torzite T-KGTT tip-top and T-KTTG semi-micro guides (#4.5 smallest)^.

RODS – Googan Squad

Let the lure do the work! The moderate action from the Twitch series allows you to impart more bait action with every rod twitch. Googan Squad Gold Series Features. SeaGuides Ceramic Insert Guides - For silky smooth casting and handling. Advanced Composite 30/40 Ton Carbon Blanks - Lightweight and extremely sensitive for all day bite detection.

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Ark Casting Rods

Ark Catalyzer Series Casting Rods. The Ark Catalyzer Series Casting Rods offer professional-grade performance along with an affordable price point. No matter if you are just trying to have some weekend fun with friends and family or if you are a big dream chaser, the Catalyzer series is the perfect start-up rod for everyone. $39.98 $59.99 *.

FinesseFreak LongCast 7''5" 2pc Spinning Rod

All-new blank actions and powers for highest performance in new blends of graphite to minimise weight yet maintain the robust features required. Most rod models are now 2pc for ease of travel and storage, and the construction format is ''removable handle'' which provides the superior technical design of rod blank ferrules.

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01/05/2022. Maxell Dual Drag Reel Ian Miller T Curve Fishing Combo. Maxell Sealion 0SLD11D dual drag reel matched to 37kg Shimano Ian Miller T Curve 400 jigging rod. $450 Negotiable. West Pennant Hills, NSW. 30/04/2022. Fishing rods …


TwitchFreak Lt 6''10" 1pc Rod weight only 94gm! Multi-loading action Recommended line 2‑3lb FC; 4-8lb braid Ideal lure range 2‑7gm Combination non-corroding titanium guide train comprising; -Fuji Titanium-Torzite T-KGTT tip-top and T-KTTG semi-micro guides (#4.5 smallest) -Fuji Titanium T-SiC ''SlimRing'' T-KLSG guides Cu


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Millerods Rods | Anglers Warehouse

MILLERODS TWITCH FREAK LT 610 SPIN ROD. Miller Rods Fishing Rods The Millerods brand has long been heralded as Australia''s high..[ More ... $380.00 AUD inc GST. MILLERODS VIBE FREAK 732 SPIN ROD. Miller Rods Fishing Rods The Millerods brand has long been heralded as Australia''s high..[ More ] Select Options. Quantity ADD TO CART. $399.00 AUD ...

Fast-Twitch Freak: How to Build Athletic Muscle

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Millerods Production Rods!

About Millerods Production Rods. Ian Miller and his brand ''Millerods'' have been leading the rod designing scene in Australia for decades. Ian''s custom rods have pride of place in the collections of many anglers around the globe including …


Type: Spin. Length: 6''10". Sections: 1pce. Action: Multi-loading. Line Class: 4-8lb. Lure Weight: 2-7g. Rod Weight: 95g. Buy your Millerods TwitchFreak LT Rod with confidence from Australia''s trusted tackle store Australia Wide! If you find a cheaper price, we''ll Beat It!

Millerods Casting Rods

Miller Dream Freak: 20-1/4" 09/21 $ 355.00. Millerods Casting Rod 7''10" Heavy BeastFreaK . Swimbaits & Umbrella rigs. Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock ... The only disappointment was not getting the Miller rods custom rod sleeve that every other dealer sends with the rod. From: Scott: St Augustine 1/17/20.


Millerods - Cod Freak 661 The CodFreaK is a ''classic'' river lure casting rod. Purpose-designed for accurately casting more conventional bladed lures such as spinnerbaits and Mumblers, as well as larger traditional hard-bodied lures for both diving and sur ... The Control Freak skeleton handle enhances this sensitivity with every vibration of ...

Miller Fishing Rods

2021-10-19 · 14 results: miller rods in australia. 2 shimano tiagra 50, reels very good condition 100 each custom made short stroker ( ian miller) game rod 100 sabre custom game rod 100 daiwa saltiga ld 35 2 speed, new condition 300 ono shimano baitrunner dl 4000 fa, new condition with 7 ft 47 kg rod good condition 100. Read More

Spinning Freaks Light : TwitchFreak Lt 6''10"

6''10" 1pc Medium/Multi-loadingaction 1‑3kg Test 3‑10gm Lure. Fishing techniques have evolved steadily over the years, including the rapid expansion of hard body lure fishing, and the new Millerods Control Freak ''TwitchFreak'' rods are at the cutting edge of tackle technology. TwitchFreaks are rods for hard body lures.

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St. Croix Mojo Bass 2-Piece Casting Rods $155. Dobyns Rods Kaden Casting Rods $179.99 – 189.99. St. Croix Bass X Casting Rods $120 – 150. St. Croix Mojo Bass Glass Casting Rods $145 – 165. Daiwa BLX Bass Casting Rods $399.99 – 439.99. Dobyns Rods Fury Casting Rods $129.99. Lew''s Signature Series Casting Rods $189.99 – 199.99.

Gear Guide

SNAPPER. Snapper bait rods – 4-7kg, 5-8kg rods between 7 -8 feet in length. Snapper reel ( bait ) – 4000, 5000, 6000. Snapper soft plastic rods – 3-6kg rods between 6 foot 10 inches and foot in length. Snapper reel ( soft plastics ) – 2500, 3000, 4000. There are so many snapper rods in the market these days.

Millerods OneFreak 652

The ONEfreaK is so well balanced the tip actually floats and rises to get ready for the retrieve. This makes the rod ideal for any ''tip-up'' retrieve including hopping, slow rolling and surface presentations. But it doesn''t rule out ''tip-neutral'' or ''tip-down'' retrieves, it simply makes the rod easier to use, and more sensitive ...

SwitchFreak – Millerods

SwitchFreak. $330.00. Quantity. Add to Cart. There are some situations where ''longer'' is not necessarily ''best''… like for pitching a jig underneath cover and in tight: or if you want accuracy casting with a Frog lure instead of bomb casting: or fishing around docks and boat sheds…. There''s a stack of these situations! The brief ...

Millerods BeastFreaK 7''10" 2pc

The Millerods BeastFreaK is a purpose-designed, Australian ''swimbait'' casting rod. But it is far more than just a great swimbait rod! At 7''10" overall length, the BeastFreaK is a serious casting tool, well suited to river, open water and impoundment fishing with lures in the 1-5oz (30-150gm) bracket. This model has a beautifully wide ...

Millerods CodFreak 661

Availability: In Stock. $ 399.00. Add to cart. Categories: Baitcaster Rods. Tags: Baitcaster, braid, cod, Millerods, Overhead, yellowbelly. Description. Additional information. The CodFreaK is our ''classic'' river lure casting rod. Purpose-designed for accurately casting more conventional bladed lures such as spinnerbaits and Mumblers, as ...

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IAN MILLER RODS. The name Ian Miller is synonymous with quality, high performance fishing rods of the finest order. Ian Miller rods are uncompromising... his designs cutting edge... They have been proven the world over and are the proud possessions of anglers in every corner of the globe. "The piscatorial equivalent of a Stradivari violin or ...

Millerods TwitchFreak Lt Hardbody lure rod

Description. Millerods TwitchFreak Lt 6''10" hardbody lure rod. Twitch Freak Lt ultra light hardbody rod. Weighs Only 94 grams! 6''10" 1pc, Multi load action. Recommended line 2‑3lb FC; 4-8lb braid and ideal lure range 2‑7gm. Fuji Titanium-Torzite T-KGTT tip-top and T-KTTG semi-micro guides (#4.5 smallest)^. Fuji Titanium T-SiC ''Slim Ring ...