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Selenium rectifier . United States Patent 2510322 . Abstract: 616,851. Asymmetrically-conducting resistances. WESTINGHOUSE BRAKE & SIGNAL CO., Ltd. Sept. 13, 1946, No. 27559. Convention date, Sept. 22, 1945. [Class 37] Selenium rectifiers are electrically formed by applying a continuous voltage in the reverse direction which increases as the ...


CEHCO is a leader in supplying selenium rectifier stacks. We are selenium rectifier replacement specialist. In fact, the company can assemble and deliver any selenium rectifier in 48 hours or less. And the stacks contain extremely high-quality, high-density, vacuum-processed cells to ensure uniformity, stability, and long life.

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Selenium rectifiers were rated for almost infinite continuous service life, over than 60.000 hours according to the 1951 GE ad below. In comparison life expectancies for high-rel vacuum tubes varied between 5.000 and 10.000 hours. Failures in selenium rectifiers therefore do not depend upon their age. In my collection I have many old radios and ...

Creep and forming in selenium rectifiers

Creep and forming in selenium rectifiers. Author links open overlay panel A.C. English R.W. Thomas. Show more

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2022-7-20 · Selenium rectifiers are able to withstand repetitive significant overload without the need of special protective measures. It is commonly used in electroplating rectifier under 200,000A and electrostatic precipitators operating between 30 to 100kV. Radio and television receivers used them from about 1947 to 1975 to provide up to a few hundred volts of plate …

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Changing selenium rectifier to silicon diode

The selenium rectifier that I removed is a Sarkes Tarzian model 150. It has 6 cooling plates and 5 rectifying units. The solenoids are Brake, Forward, Rewind and Pinch and have no markings. ... those solenoid coils so when the power is switched off to the coil there is a strong inductive spike placed across the coil insulation. That may ...

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DC current: 203 mA (measured by DMM) or 199 mA (by V/R) With selenium rectifier: The S-T data shows 132-133 V for 200 mA. The difference is 11-12 volts - an even greater discrepancy with the "one volt per plate" rule of thumb. Case 3: 200 mA rectifier (same as above) with a 1500 ohm load (measured to be 1471 ohms).


The aluminium based selenium rectifier elements are manufactured by an improved, closely controlled vaccum deposition process. This new process ensure stable, non- ageing, low loss characteristics permitting higher current density operation while maintaining a reliability standard which has been a by in the selenium rectifier field for over ...

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 · Jul 21, 2015. #10. Selenium and germanium bridge rectifiers have the same configuration. The +ve (centre) will have a red dot –ve (the two ends linked) a black dot. AC in is via the two connections at ¼ marked with a green dot. If your thinking of a straight swap with a modern silicon bridge package, be careful.

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2021-9-7 · This is a selenium rectifier. It was popular from around the 1930''s until the much better silicon diode took over. It consists of a metal plate with a coating of doped selenium and a tin-cadmium electrode. When heated the tin-cadmium diffuses into the surface of the selenium and creates a semiconductor junction with a forward voltage of ...

Life and failures of selenium rectifiers

2021-3-10 · Actually, in case of rectifier failure, both the rectifier itself and the power transformer become hot and other secondary voltages are significantly low. Then the failure mechanism must be quite different. Selenium rectifiers were rated for almost infinite continuous service life, over than 60.000 hours, according to this . 1951 GE ad. In ...

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2017-11-5 · From: "Barry L. Ornitz" Subject: Re: Selenium Rectifier Date: 02 Dec 1998 Keywords: selenium, rectifier, toxicity, safety Newsgroups: Mark Densel wrote in message <[email protected] >... >Where can I find a selenium rectifier for a 1950'' kiddie record player? I wrote a piece for the Boatanchor radio …

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 · Selenium rectifiers are allso semiconductor devices but amorphouse. In old days we used to say taht each plate of rectifier can whithstand about 30V of reverse voltage and that each square centimeter of it''s surface can whitstand 100mA of current. You should count number of plates connected in series and calculate area of plate.

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selenium is favourable to an appreciable voltage output. Sandstr6m assumes that the layer consists most probably of selenium dioxide. This conclusion is consistent with, and largely based upon, the well-known observation that a precious-metal film generally gives better results whendeposited by sputtering than when evaporated in vacuo.

How do I replace this 40+ year old selenium rectifier?

 · 2004-06-14 10:01 pm. #2. My understanding on how to do this. Here is my understanding on how these are to be soldered in place of the selenium rectifier. Remove the selenium rectifier. Solder in its place one diode with the cathode in one direction and another with the cathode in the other. At the power source end I solder one diode with the ...

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 · line components from the rectifier are not voltage-sensitive, you may. not have to add the dropping resistor. Now, keep in mind that if you are replacing a single selenium diode. (i.e.: NOT a stack), the forward voltage drop is insignificant such. that no additional resistor is required. Or, you can put a zener diode.

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That is what most rectifier manufacturers recommended. The resistance would depend on the voltage and current rating of the rectifier. For example, if the rectifier in the TO is rated for 75 mA and is powered with 120 volts, you''d expect the lowest load resistance it could carry to be 120 / 0.075 = 1,600 ohms.

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2020-12-27 · Selenium switch_to. web,,。. (),,。. Selenium WebDriver ...

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 · Aug 31, 2019. #1. I''m recapping a small preamp and want to replace the selenium rectifier. This is on an analog chime system that has small pickups on little chime bars that are struck by solenoids. The preamp is built around a 12AX7 tube. I finished the recap and verified all the resistors are in tolerance. The transformer AC secondary is ...

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2022-7-30 · Single Phase Bridges & Rectifier Assemblies VMI manufactures high voltage assemblies ranging from 5kV to 40kV, 70nS to 3000nS, 50mA to 2.2A. Our single phase bridges are assembled with VMI diodes, then encapsulated in a rigid epoxy and our rectifier assemblies are suitable for rugged-environment applications.

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2014-11-23 · Bridge Rectifier Bridge Rectifier Bridge Rectifier Battery Charger Battery Charger Bias Rectifier 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 160 160 160 t160 $160 $160 25 § 18 50 160 220 160 325 550 625 625 700 750 900 1000 1150 1150 325 550 1150 220 325 550 1080 220 1019 N.T.C. Resistor (Resistance: Cold, 1400 ohms, Hot, 200 ohms).

Replacing Selenium Rectifiers in Trans-Oceanics

An example: The old selenium rectifier in my B-600 had been working fine, but one night, after around 40 minutes of listening to shortwave, reception totally faded out. I switched to AM, where I got reception, then I switched back to SW, where I got reception for around a minute (maybe less) before reception faded out yet again.

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2022-6-20 · If customers do not have data on the old rectifier, then GD Rectifiers can take a sample (in a working condition or not) and replicate it. For more information on the Selenium Rectifiers range please click here. For further information on GD Rectifiers'' product range please call: 01444 243 452 or email: [email protected] .uk .

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 · As a kid I bought $0.50 US military surplus selenium rectifier bridge, it was in a soup can filled with PCB oil. It worked but kept getting hotter and hotter until the can leaked. That was 25VAC and maybe 1A on my bench PSU. There was a huge report 1957 on the USAF using selenium rectifiers on aircraft, if poisonous smoke etc. in B-52''s.


2019-7-18 · the selenium are measured in parts - per -million. If the difference of impurities is tween 7 and 10 parts -per -million, it may result in poor operation by the rectifier. The process of applying the selenium is a very critical and difficult process. The thin barrier layer on the selenium is formed when the recti-fier is heat treated. During ...


We keep all materials (i.e. diodes, SCR''s, heat sinks, etc.) in stock for immediate assembly. To discuss your specific rectifier stack requirements, please contact us at 714 624-4740, or send us an email at [email protected] . (Relevant …

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 · Selenium rectifiers were extremely unreliable, I''ve not seen one for decades now - but back in the 70''s I replaced loads and loads of them in TV''s, record players, radios etc. All we used to use was a piece of tag strip, a BY127, and a 10W wirewound resistor (to give a similar source impedance to the selenium rectifier).